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He is an anthropomorphic cat, he behaves like a normal person. He like/loves: anarchy, girls, weapons (of any kind), spiky chokers, tranquility, art, music (classical and metal), cute and beautiful things, freedom. Hates: dictatorship, toxic and rotten communities, traitors, senseless vandalism. He gets angry if you call him furry (he seems like one to them but he isn't). He's a pretty quiet guy but... never make him angry, you shouldn't do it!
  • The correct pronunciation is Chiccio Cat
  • There is an alternative version of Ciccio Cat. He shares the name and partly the physiognomy and character. We can say that he is a sort of clone but not completely!
  • He is an anarchist
  • He is not a Furry
Frænk Dragon71
He is a humanoid dude, Sometimes he is calm but can be quite chaotic (don't underestimate him). Likes/loves: anarchy, girls, weapons (of any kind), Nonsense, not too sharp chokers, tranquility, art, music (classical and metal), cute and beautiful things, freedom. He hates: dictatorship, toxic and rotten communities, traitors, senseless vandalism. He gets angry with people who are too domineering and evil. He's a pretty calm guy but... never make him angry, you shouldn't do that!
  • The correct pronunciation is Chiccio-Tan
  • He is an alternate version of Fat Cat, almost similar in everything but not in some things
  • He was born on an unspecified island, to this day we don't know what happened to the island and its inhabitants
  • He is an anarchist
  • Ciccio-Tan is drawn with a style of MS Paint because he's inspired by old rage comics and Three Angled Blue's drawings
  • He is in love? Guess what!
Frænk Dragon71

Introduction Story

Story and Lore
Ciccio Cat was born on December 14 in the year ████ in the capital of Palermo and then live in a small village in the province of Palermo, he lived there for years and then left it at the age of 27 going to live on the island of Suka Terra also called II Italia. He worked as an artist and also a composer, he also made some terrible mashups that people strangely appreciated. He met a girl (animal species: Cat) and then fell madly in love, after some time they broke up due to a betrayal between the feline and two other individuals, a well-built ex-military dog and his short, slim cat colleague. After this event Ciccio fell into depression, until he met a girl (animal species: Bunny) in a pub, they were sitting at the bar singing, Ciccio was sad and was ordering another beer while she was tired and was ordering a glass of wine valuable. After a chat the rabbit girl took Ciccio to her house on a rainy night. The girl didn't want to go back to her house, so she stayed at Ciccio's house. Over time Ciccio and the rabbit girl met and ended up falling in love and began to live together. Ciccio began to frequent a group of people who called themselves the Unity Propxer made up of members who were humans and furries (humans dressed as anthropomorphic animals) and Ciccio was the first member Anthropomorphic Animal to attend the U.P. although he and the other members are more different in behavior. Unfortunately the good times for Ciccio are very short... after Brid Hyib (also called Big Blue Fur) started working with the emperor and other important and powerful people he installed a law to enrich himself causing the second crisis of II Italy . At that time people were desperate, many lost their jobs because they were not suitable for earning money, only a few careers were saved from the shock wave that Brid caused. Ciccio began to earn little and was betrayed by the U.P. due to an infiltrator who brought chaos and confusion to the U.P. which led the members to expel Ciccio because he had introduced Brid's spy. As if that wasn't enough, Ciccio and his girlfriend (the rabbit girl) had strong arguments due to the crisis and many political thoughts, Ciccio was beaten and mistreated by the person he once loved who has now become a crazy person who only causes pain. We don't know how the fight happened but Ciccio ended up in hospital in critical condition, he was about to die but went into a coma which lasted for 2 weeks. After waking up Ciccio realized that he had lost: money, friends, the person he loved, almost all the objects he had at home and his sanity... a terrible situation that led to ruin. Nobody wanted to talk to him anymore because of the evil tongues that spread in the city where he lived for almost 7 years, so Ciccio took what he had left and left to get some solidarity from those people who will only cause trouble. To be Continued...