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Here you can find some information about us and our products

Who we are?

We are a corporation that manufactures products for every eventuality. Founded in the 1964, our business was carried out in a few sectors such as: hardware, agriculture, cooking and other farm things. Some products went to the small town near the farm which in the 70s became the headquarters of NEG²H and then moved to a nearby place where the factory was built and is still the official headquarters of the NEG²H Corporation.

Our products!

We of the NEG²H Corporation produce a vast quantity of products, starting from simple objects for the home and garden and then moving on to more complex and sometimes not entirely safe projects, so we have decided to set age targets ranging from: 3 to 9 years for objects safe for the family, up to products only for adults (in the workplace and also in personal environments). To own these types of products you must present a document at the first purchase and be careful, read the instructions on the sheet inside the package carefully. If you don't read the sheet, very serious things could happen, it depends on which object you have!

What does NEG²H mean?

NEG²H derives from an Italian dialect word "Negghia" meaning junk (something of little importance, which is of no use), sometimes this word is used to offend, thus describing the usefulness of another person!

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